• Girl of my dreams

    I know your out there,

    and though your faraway it seems

    close your eyes, meet me in my dreams.

    It's pleasant here I promise you,

    for the both of us

    We can do whatever you want to.

    Scenery unimaginable to others

    it's just you and I.

    We can just lay here,

    and stare at the sky

    enjoy each others company

    and not knowing why.

    But my dear...try not to forget

    although it may feel like we've been here,

    together forever,

    we've only just met.

    but then again this is our dream,

    so whose to tell us we haven't?

    Let's go for a walk,

    maybe a crazy adventure?

    or....we can just sit here and talk.

    What to do...I'm not really sure,

    But it doesn't really matter what we do,

    I'm content just being around you.

    Can i kiss you?

    I know this is fast..

    but I really want to.

    Our first time meeting,

    could be our last.

    Starring in your eyes...

    I just know this is right,

    So darling please tell me..

    Would it be alright?

    Why did I have to wake up before your response?...

    I'll just have to wait til' tonight smile