• Dreary are the words you speak,
    my heart is breaking, Crimson Love it Seeks,
    Dripping out the love, it's engorged flirts,
    heightened with a sense that love hurts,
    I feel all wounds, invisible or not,
    A love of worth is all I've ever sought,
    but every attempt has counted for naught,

    I need not inflict my own scars,
    You do this with metal bars
    you need not a blade, your words will do,
    Condemn me to these balls and chains,
    Throw me into this ocean, rip open my veins,
    You do all this yet I Still love you,
    all this hurt you inflict, has caused me to see as you do,
    Perhaps I'm deserving of all this hurt,
    because you think me worthy, I must see
    If you say its so, I'll gladly make it be

    For you my heart... my love is given,
    my mind is insane, you are the one whom has Driven,
    I'll try again to only be hurt,
    But this love is all a big flirt,
    look through it with a distorted eye,
    Someday i might just Try.