• With every step I take
    It gets me further
    With every step I take
    I walk past memories

    If I trip over my feet
    I'll get back up
    Catch my heart beat
    Push myself into the right direction

    Over hills and mountains
    I remember thinks we forgot
    You fight my demons
    Those moments I remember

    I walk through the desert somewhere
    with no idea where I am
    But it feels like a nightmare
    So I continue walking

    If my feet get tired
    My love for you makes me stronger
    And even though I'm crippled
    I'll keep on walking

    I lost my heart halfway
    I couldn't carry the weight
    I hope you'll find it someday
    Without knowing it's mine

    One step towards you
    Past misunderstanding
    Two steps towards you
    Past broken promises

    I'm walking to a place
    I'm walking every day
    But where is that place?
    Where Am I?