• I miss you when your gone
    it take's my light away
    You are my best friend
    Why do you do this to me?

    All I wanted was your happiness
    I thought all you wanted was mine
    To be friends forever
    To have a better friendship.

    You said that we'd have a better friendship
    No secrets
    No lies
    Nothing but the truth between us.

    But you broke that long ago,
    Yet there I stood
    Right there,
    Always just for you...

    I've thought into the past
    Yes I loved you
    With no sign of letting up.

    But now,
    I think about it
    Now you're simply my best friend
    I want to be around you forever.

    But as nothing more than a friend
    I'm happy when your happy,
    Sad when your sad
    Angry with those who make you that way.

    I wonder if you even still care...

    You said you want nothing to do with me
    That I wasn't there when you needed me...
    Well now I need YOU,
    Will you come to me?

    Will you come and save me
    From this dark place where I'm trapped,
    Come and be the brightness
    To fend off the dark?

    Will you be,
    And stay my Best friend?

    Will you be,
    And stay my Dearest?

    Will you be,
    And stay my Wonderwall?