• “Why”

    You don’t want to know me
    You don’t want to be in my life
    What have I done
    To make you hate me so much
    All I ever wanted was for us to be close
    For you to be in my life in some way
    To be someone I can talk to
    Someone I could turn to for advice
    But the only thing you ever gave me is a cold shoulder
    When I saw you for the first time
    I hoped we could put the past behind us
    I hoped we could move forward
    I had no idea this was the last time I would see you
    Because just as soon as you came
    You turned away
    You left me
    You never looked back
    All ever wanted was to love you
    All I ever needed was for you to love me
    I never asked you for anything but your love
    And you can’t even do that much for me
    Why is it that the son in me still needs his father
    But the father in you doesn’t want his son?