• go to sleep and close your eyes
    and dream of broken butterflies
    that tore their wings against a thorn
    you know the pain that they have endured

    silver metal shine so bright
    scarlet blood that feels so right
    dream of that blood trickling down
    and wake up just before you drown

    the moonlight shining off your tears
    as you bleed out your worst fears
    so tonight when you cry
    whisper the cutters lullaby:

    hushabye baby your almost dead
    you don't have a pulse and your pillow is red
    your family hates you
    your friends let you bleed
    sleep with a knife
    cuz that's all that you need

    rockabye baby beaten and scarred
    you didn't know life would be this hard
    time to end te pain you hid so well
    and down you'll come
    baby back to hell