• Grades grades everywhere and not a one to tell
    Why do you make our lives a living hell?
    You determine who’s the smartest or the dumbest
    You bring rewards and punishment
    Happiness and sadness.

    Why does it matter what’s the point?
    You control us from age five up
    Making some feel great and some worthless
    I ask this question
    Why do you exist?

    A cruel torture device or a great reward
    We are strings on a musical cord
    You play us
    Shame us
    Maim us

    If you were gone what would happen?
    Would life be the same?
    Sadly we play your sick game.
    The students, the teachers, even your sneakers.
    We are all trapped by grades.


    Is it the end?
    I’ll guess I know…
    When I have
    The grade to show.