• Who Am I?
    Am I just a friend you forgot about?
    Am I just another person around you?
    Am I just something you know?

    Do you see?
    See me as a good friend?
    See me as another person?
    See me as anything?

    Do you hear?
    Hear my inner thoughts?
    Hear my personal opinions?
    Hear my voice?

    Can you feel?
    Feel the hugs I try to give?
    Feel my hand when we shake?
    Feel my presences when I am around?

    Yes? Then why do you sound unconvinced?
    No? Then why do you keep me here?
    Maybe? Do I matter at all?

    Can you feel?
    Feel the confusing pain I have?
    Feel the unnecessary stress I suffer?
    Feel the torment I go through?

    Do you hear?
    Hear the sadness in my tone?
    Hear the my whispers of what haunts me?
    Hear the sounds of my breaking heart?

    Do you see?
    See my body tremble uneasily?
    See my tears from my eyes?
    See me falling into the dark?

    Who am I?
    Am I just something you toss away when you were bored of me?
    Am I just something you wish to avoid because of how I act?
    Am I anything at all?

    Why don’t you answer?
    Do I disgust you?
    Do I not matter?
    Do I not exist anymore?

    What did I do?
    Did I upset you?
    Did I scare you?
    Did I harm you?

    Just answer. Just tell me. Tell me why.
    Why do you hate me?
    Why do you keep away?
    Why don’t you speak to me?
    Why? Why? Why?

    Do you not care anymore?
    Am I just wasting my efforts to understand?
    Am I doing anything right?

    Was I a good person?
    Was I a kind friend?

    Was I a bad man?
    Was I a scary monster?

    Was I an insane lunatic?
    Was I a creepy freak?

    Do you not trust me?
    Do you no longer believe in me?
    Do you even know me?

    ………I can’t find it.
    I don’t know what the answer is.
    You called me good. You helped me.

    But why do you avoid me? Was it a lie?
    I am good? Well that can’t be or you’d still talk to me, right?
    So, if I am not good and I am not bad, what am I?

    Am I a friend?
    Am I a person?
    Am I somebody?

    I can’t answer anymore.
    Why? No one asks.
    I don’t know the answer anymore.
    And there is no one around to help me remember.

    So that all there is
    Who am I?
    No one knows.