• Its strange that we see everything so differently
    Yet we grow closer still
    Hearts melding together
    Making the two one

    Its so odd to me
    This feeling burning deep inside
    Nothing I've felt before
    But that I want so desperately to keep alive

    But it burns deep within my body
    Greater still my soul
    Consuming every facet of my life
    Taking hold of me and filling the void

    Once I was the black sheep
    Isolated, alone, and afraid
    Its so hard to believe that I've found you for my home
    My place to belong

    There are times I truly wonder
    Was I right to want you all to my self
    I try my best to be unselfish
    To share regardless of how I feel
    By nature I'm not jealous
    But I do feel a pain in my heart when you look away

    Its almost sickening to feel this way
    Worry every day
    Restless every night
    Wondering will this be the last time I hear your voice
    Or feel the security of being in your arms

    That's why I want to keep you all to myself
    To know where you are
    Question every tremor I feel
    I'm not trying to smother you I promise
    But its so hard to control myself

    I have such a sixth sense about you
    It almost scares me sometimes
    Knowing when you're not quite yourself
    When you're sick
    Or when you've been harmed

    You know me all too well
    I'm almost envious
    But I'm too astounded to feel a twinge of animosity towards you

    You see right through me every time
    Each little laugh and every little whine
    Nothing escapes your eyes
    Your ears are sharper than anything I've ever seen
    And your heart I admire most
    Always so protective
    Making me lose myself every time

    You inspire me to create
    Make things that even I can find beautiful
    Feel justice
    Experience peace
    Strange I always say
    But from what I can tell
    Love- it's just strange