• Lust of the Teenage Variety
    Love can only be worshiped by those with lust.
    Envy can only become by those with greed.
    In this world of teen drama
    So what can we do?
    Is there a way to stop it?
    For I don't know myself.
    Why can't we just rely on ourselves.
    Instead of going toward others who don't know themselves?
    I need help. When someone says that, doesn't your stomach just plumit?
    Falling endlessly into a sea of dread.
    Your heart starts racing,as you think of a lie to tell.
    Just as you can weasel out of another helpless journey.
    Drama in our teen lives is usually related to love.
    We all think that we need a sort of significant other.
    What? Do all the teenagers think that:
    Unless we get a lover the world shall end?
    Fire will rain down and smite all of thee?
    Suck. It. Up.
    Move on.
    My shoulder holds no place for tears.
    I'm already crying.
    I'm already feeling the pain you do.
    Because I know.
    The game of the heart.
    As much as anyone really.
    My heart has been repaired.
    That is how most love goes.
    But that's us.
    We are teenagers.
    Who feel the hormones raging within.
    Who feel the pain of heartache.
    Who knows that love.
    Is really only worshiped by those with lust.
    Elle Meed O'Rien

    Who We Are
    Sometimes, the sun is as cruel as the moon.
    With the lighted warmth, come the fire of death.
    With the cold hearten whiteness, comes the shining knight through the darkness.
    For every happy thought, moment or word.
    There is an equally depressing thought, moment, or word.
    Never again will the childish bliss assault all our beings.
    Our life is no longer secure.
    The fire, and the night.
    The happy, and the naught.
    Is who we are.
    Elle Meed O'Rien

    My heart yearns for the feeling only you can give it.
    My soul has been affected by your ways
    affected by your touch
    and only you can give it.
    My days are touched
    by the way you smile
    by the way you talk
    Talk. To me.
    My heart yearns for the feeling only you can give it.
    Elle Meed O'Rien

    Again and Again
    Sometimes you fall.
    endlessly in love.
    But it's not true.
    Those sweet nothings whispered in your ear.
    Those happy moments only you two have.
    Never again will be repeated the same.
    What will be repeated is the actions.
    The thumping in your chest.
    The nervousness. Along with sweaty palms.
    Then the heart break.
    The emotional sorrow.
    The gut wrenching depression.
    The thought of what you did wrong.
    But it will happen.
    Take my word. Heed this warning.
    You will fall in love. Again. And again.
    Elle Meed O'Rien