• i told you things things that nowon knew or shall know.
    you are the only one hew gets me and you donot judge me by the
    way i act you look deep into my soul and see hew i truely am.
    you dont look at the mask like the rest
    when your here i filll happy
    not like im dieing. and i dont know much about deth but im feeling
    pretty close to it .and if this is a sign of my personal destruction then
    im about to let it rain.
    i cant no i wont live in destuction but im afraid i cant control
    the outcome or the destuction.but the outcome is the truth and not
    the sheld the sheld may protect me from the war but the war is inside of me
    so how may i rest knowing that each day is no better then the rest and knowing that each day,iawaken i am alone burning_eyes

    this pome really did come from my heart hope u liked it ^_^ and if u liked it when your cometing put won of these in your coment------------> wink