• Mutants to all of society are we the writers,
    We possess the gift to create new worlds.
    With this gift we stand against the sentinels of the norm.
    Many fear us for our great gifts.

    This gift manifests itself in many ways.
    However what this gift provides is a marvel.
    Such a wondrous gift inspires incredible wonder to all.
    All because we possess the gift to turn create such fantastic libretto.

    Each of us as writers are each gifted with great power.
    We are each gifted to manifest it in many forms,
    Be it amazing prose or poetry,
    Our uncanny gift is awe-inspiring.

    Our power is much like the ruby tears of a god.
    With lens of these, we herald such colossal reverie.
    Like the phoenix, we rise from the darkness.
    We are as paragons who shall influence the minds of others.

    Much like the minute wolverine, we are fierce.
    We walk like the cat in the night’s shadows only to bring forth light.
    With our gifts, we shall create a wondrous storm.
    Such is the might of us mutants to society.

    Our inner mind and soul is that of the mightiest beast.
    To society we are seen as rogue due to this gift of ours.
    This great gift is much like a gambit,
    While we are all peculiar, our gift creates a jubilee.

    Each of us as writers are deviants to the norms of humanity,
    We all possess such a wondrous gift.