• Verse 1:
    I'd try to steal your heart but, your heart is way to sharp
    feel i've crossed the line but, there's no time to wait again
    every grain of sand i waste in the hourglass
    runs down the wall for every heartbreak that crawls

    Bridge 1:
    i'm not broken
    i'm just not okay

    someone please tell me
    what am i doing here
    i'm another person to close the blinds over
    another victim so burn the evidence
    i won't be missed

    Verse 2:
    Deep inside the truth there's a heart to define my worth
    it's inside of you, full of thorns that it out grew
    i'd try to find the words to say, it doesn't matter anyway
    it's not like you'd love me, transparent i'm hard to see

    Bridge 2;
    I'm not okay
    now i'm broken, bullet take me away

    (back to chorus, then)

    i wont be missed
    no i wont be missed
    i promise you this
    i wont be missed (x2)