• I stare here and there
    Looking for somewhere
    I have no clue who is who
    Only if it's you and you
    I stare and glance at the moon
    Wait , did I just say too?
    To much to see the moon
    The moon is shunting so bright
    Every night
    Such a sight
    Here and there

    Love can shove
    Through the forest
    And jump it's way through the poorest
    Unknown love yet unknown fear
    All I can hear is your love by my ear
    I love you but do you love me?
    The only word I can think is misery
    Crying in silence
    With my love in deniance
    I knew what you did, you were lying
    Teared up my soul and left me for death
    All I can say is there's a big mess
    My heart left the door
    Like my blood splattered on the floor