• The Avatar of Earth

    I was born into this world of hatred and creation
    I love the earth soo much
    I am a girl
    I am a titan
    I created the earth
    I still live
    But you can't get to me
    My armor and weapon is made from magma
    I was there
    To see humans be created
    I once lived on the grounds
    But now
    I live inside Earth
    You can try to get to me
    But you'll burn
    Unless you are a titan
    Like me
    I haven't seen any titan's
    I was there
    When Zeus killed his father
    I was there
    When Zeus locked 3 titan's
    I was there
    Watching them have a party for their son
    I am still here
    And everyone has forgotten me
    But still this Earth
    That I created hasn't died
    Because I haven't died