• How can something so natural
    be so inexplicabley wrong?
    The temptation makes me battle,
    all 'cause of a lil' vodka bong.
    To give in, oh, what a dream!
    The more I know, the more I crave
    to be part of this mysterious scheme.
    Repeatedly I tell myself, "Behave!
    You mustn't muse such thoughts!"
    But alas, my mind runs free,
    turning my stomach to knots.
    Yet, electricity fill my body,
    building desire for his touch;
    An uncontrollable lust for more.
    Feeling no restraint to tightly clutch,
    I want to let myself go, just soar...
    Through white clouds and endless sky.
    Its morals and fear that hold me back,
    Making me ask myself, "Why?"
    To wander off the beaten track,
    To free the longing for a faster pace.
    No matter what I have near and dear,
    I want the ecstasy of this race.
    My blood pumps loud, don't you hear?
    Will this go away, just pass me by?
    A not-so-victimless crime,
    From my lips escapes a sigh.
    To give in, even just one time...