• why did you do this
    to me i am just siting at home on my porch step
    thinking about you and my heart its a reck
    i haft to be strong but i fill like dieing when
    you said good bye and i couldint see because
    i have been crying nowon nowes the pain and sarrow
    somtimes i fill like there no tomorrow
    my mother says honny honny pleas dont cry
    its his falt he said good bye i say in pain with my mother near
    i say what did i do ow nothing my dear he left its his falt
    no no no i say it was me no honny now pleas dont cry remember
    its his falt he said good bye i remember when he left the pain inside
    it felt like i was no longer alive i asked him as he said good bye
    ow honny why and he says i can not stay i say no even for a day i can no longer
    see him he is only a blure he takes his hand and rubed the tears from my face
    and i fill light headed with my heart starting to race he kisses my forhead so softly and sweetly grabing his arm as he walkes away saying no no pleas ill do iny thang he takes me hnd off and brethes deeply close your eyes and count to ten he says i will be gone bye then and i close my eyes with tears coming out i here the car and i begin to count to ten and there when i opend i never saw him agin.