• (V.1)
    It's creeping up on you
    You Feel it getting closer
    You turn to scream for help
    But no one's there

    (Chorus 1)
    How does it feel?
    To know that no one's there (no one's there)
    To find that no one cares (no one cares)
    You're on your own
    You're all alone

    You're too far gone now
    You feel nothing
    Hear nothing
    See nothing
    You, are nothing

    (V. 2)
    There is no salvation
    Only deprivation
    There is no hope
    Only pain
    You're going insane
    Inside your lonely mind

    [Chorus 1]

    There's nothing
    Anywhere, anymore
    No up, only down
    No love, only hate
    No light, only dark
    Just empty nothingness
    A dim, shallow existance
    With no hope of escape

    [cue bass and lead guitar solos]

    (Chorus 2)
    Still you try
    To make it out alive
    You fight with all your might
    In a battle you can't win

    (V. 3)
    Your heart is in the wrong place
    Filled with so much hate
    There is no point in fighting it
    You've sealed your fate

    [Chorus 2]

    No love... (only hate)
    No up... (only down)
    No light... (only dark)
    No heaven,

    [Chorus 1]
    [Chorus 2 x2 (2nd time screamed)]