• Samuel, Da'mauria

    My true love is in full bliss.
    He shows his love for me in a secretive way,
    a language only used for me to understand.

    Though there is another,
    intelligent, humorous, great in every way.

    But this one faithful night
    the two men met.
    They spoke of their beloved
    But when one spoke the name of the girl who stole his heart
    the other stood up and said "Nae"

    The girl walked in as soon as the commotion started
    to avoid two fiery blares
    she darted up the stairs

    the two men agreed
    that by Monday she had to choose

    that night the girl cried cried and cried
    she was trouble stricken
    she went over their personalities
    to see which one was the best
    the very hot rebel
    or the sensitive sweet one
    it was hard to choose

    she was a rebel at heart
    she couldn't stand for her
    and the first man to be apart

    yet she was sweet and kind
    it was like her and the first boy
    shared the same mind

    it was Monday and her decision was made
    the two boys ranting on about who would win
    didn't expect this decision the girl made to come
    she said "neither one wins i will grow lonely with two cats to remind me of this day"
    so they went on to live their lives
    but they never forgot this day