• Now you wait like the drug.
    Like the change in the pain.
    I can't feel the way I did before.
    Don't turn your back on me.
    I wont be ignored.
    Time wont heal its damage anymore.
    I don't want to wait up for you.
    I don't want to stay.
    You've gotten me into a lot of pain.
    Why don't you just leave?
    I will not forget you.
    As you are implanted in my heart.
    We are one in two.
    Its over but we are somewhat friends.
    But in your mind we are enimies.
    Thats why I now live in cyrinity.
    But please do not forget.
    The lovely memories.
    We were once forever.
    And you you're dead to me.
    The truth, worries and kisses.
    Were all lies, and huge misses.
    But I still wish that you were here.
    The gun to my head, wispers in my ear.
    Do not pull the trigor, one says.
    And then my vision goes black.
    And I am over, just like your days.
    The gun drops to the floor, into a pile of blood.
    I knew we would be together.
    Even if it was because of what you have done.
    Death overstruck us. I would die for your lips.
    And let the leaves fall where they would wish.