• I am glad to be forgotten behind the rushing crowd
    I will stand back and wait my turn
    My smile will still be there long after your friends have gone
    My arms will always be open when there is no where else to go
    I know the things you don’t dare share
    I know your deepest desires and wish to make them come true
    I only want your happiness
    I only want the best for you

    I hope you know this is true

    But I know I can get loud and yell at you a lot
    But I know I can be hard to deal with when I am being such a brat
    You must hate me when I snap
    You must hate my every flaw
    I do not know why you still stand here
    I do not know the reasons for your kindness
    We shouldn’t fight – but we do
    We shouldn’t be worried – but we are

    I am such an idiot to be playing with your heart

    For I cannot lose you and everything you have given me
    For I cannot lose your love for it is what sustains me
    If you were to go I die a painful death
    If you were to leave my heart would stop its beating
    I wish I were better
    I wish I were different
    You say you love for who I am
    You say it is all okay
    However I know the truth
    However I still want to change myself

    All because I love you