by Faye to lovest Jaan
    September 12, 2010

    Do you ask why I love you?
    Do you know how my heart beats?
    Do you care why I do
    As your hand in my hand fits?

    Will I ever know why I love?
    Someone so special as you are,
    You are my love, you are from above.
    You are nearest to me, though I'm far.

    I never needed anyone else but you,
    I love you in ways I never knew.
    I can never know why I love you.
    All I know, is that I simply do.

    You are the one who's there for me,
    No one else do as you do for me
    And you give it all for free.
    You are an angel to me.

    You embrace me and cover me from pain,
    You're there for me when I'm silly and insane,
    You know who I am like no one have seen,
    You're the only one I dance with, in the rain.

    You're the one who hold me when it's dark,
    You are my shining light that would never part,
    You never let go of me, you never go far,
    You are my every heartbeat's mark.

    No one else know me like you do.
    My joy, my heart, my sorrow you knew
    Even my doubts, darkest side, and weakness too
    To see my deepest soul, inmost heart is easy for you.

    No one else can ever rightfully advice me,
    You made it so easy for me to see
    From my negativeness, you set me free.
    You brighten me up, you are the key.

    Why do I still ask myself why I love you
    In your every loving way, I know you do.
    I hope and pray you know I do love you
    Beyond reasons, words can never do.

    No one else can claim my heart,
    It is yours only to keep
    And even if we're apart,
    I still love you so deep.

    Take care most of yourself, my love.
    Wish I can take care of you someday,
    I pray sooo sooo much from above
    To finally be officially yours one day.