• I’m speechless. nothing to write, the creativity washed and sucked out of me. I’m hopeless,depressed,hurt,and sad. rarely happy,barely glad. I need help. I need relief. give me faith,hope,and belief. I need someone, someone special,someone to call my own guardian angel. to illuminate the darkness with its magnificent light,someone to ease the pain on these lonely sleepless nights. someone to call a true friend to be there for me through thick and thin,always be there by my side on this never ending roller coaster ride. God send me an angel for my own,an angel that helps me through it all…i’m desperate…willing to do anything….i’m slipping,soon fading….people forgetting, the mess i’m creating. someone who doesn't mind carrying a burden like me,someone to help me escape,and break free. give me a chance dear God,I need help to come back to earth,and run away from my fantasy land. I need my reality to be better than my dreams,I'm tired of being this person,I want to give in,I want to scream...dear God tonight I pray,send me a Guardian Angel one day.
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