• What do you do,
    When it feels like all hope is lost?
    When you regret everything that happened
    When you hurt the one you love
    When they can't trust you anymore?
    When everythings gone wrong?
    When shed a miiloin tears in your sleep?
    When you realize you've pushed away everything that made you feel like you were the most luckiest person in the world?

    What do you do?

    You feel all empty inside.
    You keep chasing something that isnt real
    You keep wondering what went wrong
    You keep playing the happy memories over and over again in your mind
    You try to fake a smile
    You try to make it seem like everythings okay
    Even when they're not
    You try to forget
    when you realize you can't

    Cause you've made the biggest mistake fo your life

    You just want to stay in the corner and keep quiet cause
    It feels lik your life isnt anything anymore
    Just like you're trapped in a box and no one will let you out
    Food doesn't even taste good
    And nothing can make the emptiness go away

    And nothing could make you feel better
    Knowing you made a negative impact on their life
    And that it probably changed their life so bad,
    That they're too afraid to take a chance anymore
    Cause they've been hurt so many times.

    It doesn't just hurt when someone breaks your heart,

    But it hurts when you know someone's story and you make them relive the whole thing again