• I focused my eyes
    In that flash of light

    It was luring me
    So like the sunlight
    Trying to reach every corner
    Every morning the sun rises

    Your faint whisper
    Calls out to me
    Urging me to hold you once more

    Please don’t move away
    The distance
    Pushes a stake into my chest
    Even deeper
    it goes as you go

    Your lips moved
    My steps followed
    What is it you said

    The glass has moved
    Your arms within reach
    What is it I seek

    Some thing came down
    It ran down my face
    It won’t stop it
    It flowed

    I sank down to my knees
    How long has it been
    Since I cried tears

    I started bawling
    Out what I held in for years

    This is ridiculous
    Yet I’m happy
    I’m still me…

    For a moment
    Around me
    I felt warmth…