• The loving lover.
    Who gives to all.
    The one who's there
    For every call.
    He meets the man
    Who's in the dark.
    In ally shadows,
    And in the park.
    He speaks of blood
    And heinous things
    The bloody songs
    He always sings.
    The see each other
    In the night.
    No need to argue.
    No need to fight.
    The meet the others
    And all their friends.
    They join together
    And make amends.
    The sad one,
    The thinker,
    The mad one,
    The tinker,
    The lover,
    The joker,
    The man,
    The toker,
    The hider,
    The liar,
    The king,
    And the crier.
    Joining together
    To make someone whole
    The man who is typing
    The one blackened soul
    The king of the darkness
    The lord of the beast
    The one who is free now
    At last he can feast!