• you’ve always been my light,
    forever there, to help me fight,
    against my shadows, and the things surrounding me,
    the darkness of what I refuse to see.
    you were my light, at the end of the things i couldnt take,
    that lightbulb that they simply couldnt break.
    but when i see your light start flickering,
    while they sit there, their evil lips snickering.
    i keep trying to help you, turn up this electricity,
    to help you turn this hardship into something like simplicity.
    i chase away those shadows, like you did for me,
    i fight away the darkness, that we refuse to see.
    even when youre dim, and your light is running out,
    ill tell you that i love you, without a single doubt.
    and then your light can keep on shining, keep on shining through,
    from deep inside you, where i know your heart has always been too.
    i will stand beside you, and keep you nice and warm,
    and make sure that you never, ever come to any harm.
    and i will be the one still there always, just to let you know,
    that i will stand under you forever, and happily watch you glow.