• She holds the world in the palm of her hands,
    her face is perfect in the half-light.
    Deep blue eyes peer up from the depths,
    her pale white skin never graced by sun.
    A shimmering white dress falls neatly around her,
    her young body is pure.
    White-blond hair flowing about behind her
    as she gracefully dances in the half-light.
    Eternal day and eternal night
    She has not be given the blessing of receiving a name,
    although she seems so perfect.

    Because in her hands she holds the world,
    a small ball of dirt, deceit, and lies.
    You can barely see the globe's shape through the fog.
    Her hands, once so white and pristine,
    now dirty and unclean.
    She wishes she could get rid of such a curse,
    yet she feels too attached to let go.
    The loney girl has tried too many times
    to clean this globe once more.
    And yet she is afraid to scrub clean
    the mistakes she has made before.