• i see the flashes
    i hear the screams
    i feel the shivers
    that ride my dreams
    i can not think
    the thoughts are gone
    to cognitate
    oh how i long
    i see the red
    as i bleed
    i find no thought
    that shows a need
    i feel the pain
    and i wonder why
    I'm still alive
    and i cry
    just pull the trigger
    give me a drug
    I'll kiss you goodbye
    get one last hug
    I'm falling down
    i don't cognitate
    no thoughts at all
    just a naked slate
    i feel the ice
    as it bites my skin
    my first thought is:
    "when does death set in?"
    and there it is
    my single thought
    to cognitate
    oh how i fought...