• Virginia’s Warning Poem>:O

    Your nothing but a confusion,
    Like a HIV Infusion.
    Your stupidity is like a growing tumor,
    You just have to have your Glamour.

    There is no humor,
    I just sit still and wait for more.
    Of your actions,
    Because you just like to divide my heart into factions.

    This is not a game,
    If we hurt someone, things will not be the same.
    You can not act like you’re the center of the world,
    Or you will become a whore and no more.

    You feed on love,
    But you act like you want nothing more then a rub.
    You can not act like you’re the love of my life,
    Because I am not the person to be all that nice.

    If you want to be loved,
    Then don’t act like you belong in a strip club.
    I don’t mean to hurt you because I love you,
    But you seem like, Guys, you just want to screw a few…