• He said he'd love me
    If I stayed through the night
    He said he'd hold me,
    Become my light
    I'd never have to worry
    'About anything, my dear'
    Because whenever you're frightened
    I'll always be next to you, so near
    (To sooth your
    Every waking fear)

    And I believed him
    That foul, foul man's lies!
    But as I look at you, love
    Into your eyes
    I can see a hint of caring
    And, perhaps, a bit of surprise....

    You'll make no promise,
    And never will I weep
    At such words you could
    Never keep

    For you're you,
    And I'm me
    And in this world, ours
    We need none
    of those pointless

    Only you and I, darling
    Only you and I~