• love is like a leaf in the wind.

    so hard to catch it can crumble beneath your palms
    or you can catch it so perfectly so light
    almost enough to sweep you off your feet.

    if theres a bug on it
    you let it go.

    and how you know you did the right thing
    is that look up a blue sky still covers your head
    and rain still comes to flourish the crops
    sun comes to get acsses rain and to
    nurish everything

    the moon still reflectes the suns light
    rays on that same leaf that you let go
    sillentl whispering

    forgive me

    tears spaterring the leaf smothering in the saddness you layded upon
    the leaf althought in the back of its mind its saying

    it was my fault

    so as long as the sun shines and the moon reflectes
    you will find a lush green leaf that fell to your head
    so you dont have to find the old autume leaves that have holes,lies,

    and you think to yourself
    i know this on is fine