• Obnoxious

    You change the tempo
    Of a slow and serious song
    Because it's not fast enough to dance to
    While you stain your once innocent lips
    With the cold glass bottle of alcohol
    And you're only reason is 'why not?'
    When even you can name a million reason

    You say it's your right
    It's freedom of speech,
    But since when did our first amendment
    Become an excuse to disrespect someone
    Who has worked so hard to get where they are now

    You blame the business
    Who's product caused you pain
    Because you were foolish enough to abuse it
    And taking responsibility for your actions is unheard of
    When the alternative is money

    You dye your hair a rainbow
    And call it individuality
    Yet last time I checked
    What sets you apart is the inside
    Not the out

    You say you're not old fashioned
    That our new generation is different
    That you have sex for the pleasure
    And it shouldn't have to involve commitment.
    But then why do you still keep referring to it
    As making love?

    You tell me I'd look pretty in make-up
    That I could come to your house
    And you could make me beautiful
    But who am I here to impress?

    You come back from an assembly
    Saying how happy you were to miss class
    And then criticizing the speaker
    Because you didn't understand their message

    You call me "the quiet girl"
    Because I have nothing to say
    That could possibly hold meaning
    To someone so obnoxious.