• One day, while I was leaning on an oak tree
    trying to remember you guys with me
    looking at the blue skies
    with your faces on the clouds
    smiling and telling me to cherish this memories

    Time was out of my hands
    death is near to take my life away
    still, the clock is ticking counting my lives
    taking each and one of my breaths
    groaning in pain, in silence, helps me keeping myself alive

    Now, I'm staring at the ceiling
    forcing my tears not to roll and hearing beeping sounds beside me
    without noticing that my eye lids were closing
    seeing colorful visions with glee
    as i began to murmur "Thanks for the memories."

    I opened my eyes slowly
    trying to recover my vision
    I stared at the window, full of stars remembering it's mission
    Its mission to shine up my lonely night
    my lonely night full of kept memories clearly

    Sunrise's heat is what I last felt
    my body won't follow my command
    but i guess, i might just die here without the last feeling of our bond
    our bond, full of happiness
    slowly closing my eyes, I heard a voice said "Don't die yet..."

    Feeling the blood rush up my body
    slowly turning pale, my eyes were getting heavy
    they were closing "Have you ever loved someone with your whole heart?"
    I closed my eyes and mimicked "I don't have a heart."

    I was shocked when I said that...
    I felt a soothing, warm pat
    helping me to relax as i can be
    I opened my eyes with force, uneasiness, and glee
    holding back my tears as i see the face that I wanted to see...