• King Me

    There are words I want to say
    And I know they're true
    I believe you'll say the same
    And mean them too
    I chose my space
    A square right next to you
    You stole my Queen on the very same day we met
    Jumped her quick with one L shaped move
    And I clocked your Knight with a simple Pawn
    You then mashed it with a Rook
    I can stand to lose another piece
    But can you?
    Your King stands unguarded
    His Pawns spread about
    Your Queen will be mine
    Then it's lights out
    Just one L sweep
    And I shall have won
    But you knock over a drink
    I turn to pick it up
    You giggle as I jolt back up
    Was I Blacks
    Or was I White
    I forgot the instant I turned away
    You punched the clock quick
    Stole my Queen once again
    And spoke in that silky tone
    "Your Turn..."