• Jigoku Shoujo
    By: Vivianna Lynne Haney

    Why, my friend, do you weep alone?
    Has someone brought you pain?
    I do not wish to pry, but I can help you…
    All I need is their name.

    Many call me the demon, Hell Girl,
    Or Enma Ai, if you please.
    But my name is not important.
    It’s your tormentor’s name I need.

    Log onto my wicked website,
    It can only be accessed at midnight.
    There you may type the corrupt name,
    If you can get past your mortal fright.

    You strike the enter key with trembling fingers
    And I respond to your plea without delay.
    I ride my demon chariot through the gloomy night,
    As the lost souls wander and pray.

    I appear as a normal schoolgirl
    On top of a building, where you prepared to end it all
    I grab your shaking wrist
    Before you have a chance to fall

    “Is this pain so immense to sacrifice your existence?”
    I ask as the tears stream down your face.
    Your aching moan answers my question.
    I twirl and disappear in the wind with a saddened grace.

    The next day, I have a gift prepared for you.
    I draw a straw doll from my kimono sleeve,
    With a crimson string tied delicately at its neck.
    Take this if its revenge, you seek.

    Pull the thread from its neck,
    This symbolizes your enemy’s life.
    The cursed soul will be sent to Hell,
    But I must warn you of the price.

    You pull the thread and your fate is set.
    To curse someone is to dig a double grave.
    When your time is up, I will send you to eternal torment, as well.
    Alive or dead, a fee must always be paid.

    You ponder your situation for a moment.
    I notice your quivering lip,
    But I also see the anger in your eyes,
    And the thread has been ripped.

    Your concience has been ignored,
    Your judgment has been clouded,
    Your enemy ferried to the underworld,
    And your fate decided.