• Dust Of A Dream

    Dreaming In a land of White Snow

    Im Searching for my other half.
    When i find you, I'll never go.
    I'll cling till the end of our days.
    Nothing shall take you away.

    Waking from Limits Unknown,
    I question myself.
    Frozen Tears on a child's face.

    Falling from Unknown dangers,
    Will i ever find you?
    Will i ever be happy?

    As i get closer to my answers,
    They begin to scare me.
    They arent true are they?

    Dreaming In The land Of White Snow.
    Land of Unknown Dangers.
    Unknown Questions.
    Unknown Anwers.

    As The Twilight begins to arise,
    I still suffer from what the truth as yet to unfold.
    I will remain sain.
    For Your sake.

    There are no limits to me.
    I will find you.
    Have you.
    Keep you.
    Die with you.

    Watch as my dream of White Snow turns to...

    As the Dust Of That dream begins to fade..
    I Realize.
    I will Never find you.
    You will be too difficult to understand.
    You will not have the same feelings as me towards me.

    This is the truth i've come upon:
    My Dream Has turned to..Dust.