• Released and Recaptured

    Chained and shackled
    Stuck anew
    Too sharp, too tight
    Can't break through

    Caged and clipped
    Wings unable to fly
    Him looking in
    Unwilling to say goodbye

    Set free at last
    Only to be caged back in
    His grin is evil,
    He's never gonna let me win

    Wings fluttering, voice breaking
    I go unheard
    He smiles at his prize,
    I am merely his bird

    Says he loves me,
    Is never gonna let me go
    I say I love him,
    But little does he know

    This bird has cunning,
    Is actually pretty bright
    Cage door opening
    Bird takes flight

    Shackles and chains,
    all left behind
    He will search,
    But he will not find

    He's hurt me to no end,
    Caused me so much pain
    I am lost to him forever
    There is nothing for him to gain

    This bird has been set free
    Numb from the pain
    This bird has been set free
    You'll never see it again