• My head spins
    And my wrist burns
    It burns with pain,
    But also with relief
    And I know that I'm still alive

    I see something,
    A person...
    No, an angel
    She walks toward me
    And I reach out to her,
    But I can't touch her
    She floats in the air
    Her wings are beautiful and large,
    The angel shines,
    Glowing, almost giving off
    A blinding light
    I am hypnotized
    By the angel's beauty

    The angel tries to gets closer
    And I scream,
    Get away from me!
    So she stays where she is,
    But she looks at me with concern
    What have you done, dear child?
    Where have your dreams gone?
    Where has your hope gone?
    Have you lost sight of who you are?
    Or did you lose sight of your faith?

    I reach for something,
    To grip back onto reality...
    All this blood
    It's making me dizzy
    I rub my eyes,
    And the angel is gone...

    But her message stays to me
    To this day