Who is there to love, who is worth loving?
    Life’s a tape on fast-forward.
    As time passes, we die as we’re born,
    Nothing left to be seen or heard.

    When the past haunts and the future distresses
    The present withers away.
    When all three times stand ignored
    What’s left is love, they say.

    I grow infuriated, not able to feel
    The emotion which most express.
    The greatest joy in all the world
    Flutters in your hearts, possessed.

    Am I trapped inside the box,
    Or am I the one who’s free?
    Those who say I’m missing out
    Are staring down at me.

    Days diminish to nightfall
    Before I ever knew what passed.
    Anything that is dependable
    Will never stand to last.

    Pain breaks way to emptiness
    But no one left will refill
    You want things done, you do it yourself,
    And with this flame, I will.

    I let the fume replete my lungs
    I let my soul take flight
    Before the darkness overcomes
    There is a flash of white.

    In that brief, eternal instant
    I view the headstone as it lies
    Beneath the many colored flowers,
    That rest below the tearful eyes.

    A girl will sit and trace her finger
    Across the carved words thereof,
    “Here Lies A True Big Brother
    The Only Man I’ll Ever Love.”

    © Copyright 2007 CursedFreedom (UN: brokensword at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.