• After the Storm

    Maybe they weren't the things that you never said
    But the things that I never could see
    Those times of silence were really how you showed me
    That I don't always need to be given affection to know I was loved

    Maybe it was the way I never controlled my anger
    Or perhaps the way that you constantly kept to yourself
    Even so, I understand that I am a human
    Allowing demons to unleash onto you

    Some days I suppress the guilt and regret held inside
    Some nights I cry without a sound
    And as the nights turn into days
    I can feel the pieces of who I was shatter into glass

    I was wrong.
    I don't want to tell you, but I understand I was wrong
    It was my fault for allowing you to fall out of reach
    And I spend silence asking myself how it came to this

    The wall around me is broken
    Yet why can nobody see that I am broken?
    Was it that I do not exist?
    Am I really nothing?

    Like the seasons, I wish I could turn back
    I wish I could tell you what I know now
    And give you your decision
    I understand now what it means by first love

    Even now, after the storm, I have faded away
    Into the dusk, I fall into the darkness
    So then why to I pray for you to hold me one last time
    Before I lose us...?