• I am strong and independent
    I wonder how people could be so cruel to each other
    I hear the sound of a ticking time bomb ready to explode
    I see people pretending to be who they’re not
    I want the world to pause and see what’s really going on
    I am strong and independent

    I pretend to be who I think I should be
    I feel the winds of truth as they wisp past
    I touch the sea of choice as it flows
    I worry that people care too much about how others see them
    I cry for the people who don’t get seen no matter what
    I am strong and independent

    I understand that you can’t stop how you feel
    I say that we should all reveal our true colours
    I dream about a world where nobody is judged
    I try to show who I know I can be
    I hope that everyone can see that nothing matters unless you show the real you
    I am strong and independent