• I remember
    Back in those good old days
    Always having fun the greatest of play!
    We would laugh and chatter away in class
    Kindergarten so fun, recess was such a blast
    We’d stand up for one another
    Always had each other
    Made sure we shed no tear
    Our friendship so sincere
    Til’ you had to leave me and it all behind!!!

    Don’t you remember, all of them times?
    We had each other always one another
    Don’t you remember, back in those good old days!
    We’d laugh and chatter, those precious moments away!
    (softer and higher) Don’t you remember?
    When we’d spin round’ and round’
    Land in each other’s arms
    Feeling un harmed
    But what’s worse is that, the image’s are going away!
    Don’t want my memory of you, to fade away
    Fade away
    No not away
    Fade, fade, fade away

    Don’t you remember?
    All them good times?
    When we sat together
    And chattered like forever
    Sometimes I blocked out my friends
    But hey I was in the moment
    Didn’t want it to fade away
    Cause’ your leaving fourth grade and I knew it!


    Now do u rmbr?
    Sitting at the laptop
    Playing online virtual games
    Spinning round and round (getting’ dizzy by the minute)
    Fell into eachother arms (but we felt safe and you know it!)
    But now we’ve faded away
    The place just to far
    Why’d you have to go to Utah?
    Tell me do you remember?
    You must remember????
    No please remember.
    Don’t you ever (don’t ever forget) me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh no no, no oh oh


    Gots to remember (noooo!)
    Can’t leave it all behind (nu uh!)
    Please don’t forget me (don’t forget baby!)
    I’m gopnnaiss u till the end till the end till the end!!!!!!

    (softly) CHORUS