• I sit here on a
    park bench,
    thinking about the
    past, when something
    sparks a memory.
    The memory is about
    you and I.
    I remember you saying
    I love you,
    but you didn't really
    mean it.
    I remember you looking
    into my eyes,
    and telling me things,
    that were all lies.
    When you said hi,
    you really meant goodbye.
    You said we would be
    together forever,
    but I guess forever
    was shorter than I thought.
    You broke my heart,
    and yet you tell me
    you still love me.
    You tried to mend my heart,
    but I guess you didn't try hard enough.
    I say to u Broken hearts don't always mend.
    You tell me it couldn't have hurt that bad,
    I say broken hearts hurt worse than broken
    And that's how it ended