• Element

    I sit alone near the water
    It's calm, but something cries out to me
    Gazing at the stars above
    Something is pulling at me
    My watch chimes midnight
    I stand to look at the horizon
    Dark, but still lively
    I had to decide
    The land or the sea?
    The me or the stranger
    The Earth...it calls out to me saying to be
    The person I want to be
    The water...it says to change myself
    I walk towards the water...I can hear different whispers
    Drama, gossip, preps, parties, popularity...
    I stop to gaze the murky water that was lapping my feet...it was like a cold...cold something
    The Earth screamed!!!! It rumbled and shook
    Begging me to stay where is was clear, normal, natural!!!
    Air or Aqua?
    I felt something in my hands
    I look left...I look right
    A giant line of my friends, ...my true friends where smiling at me
    But what were they doing?
    They were all facing away from the water!
    My decision?
    Stay alive for another day
    To breathe
    To see
    To tell
    To stand in my own element where I AM myself
    and not those who dove deep into the shadowy depths...