• 9-11

    September 11th 2001,
    The day hadn’t even really begun,
    The sun was out shining and no-one knew,
    What was about to happen to 3000 people,
    All just like me and you,

    They attacked from the sky,
    On plain 77,
    At 8:46,
    The North Tower was hit,
    Causing a lot of panic world wide,
    Reporters were dashing to the scene,
    While loved ones cried,

    The next hit was at 9:03,
    Flight 175 struck the South Tower,
    As ash and glass fell down in a shower,

    In the next hour they fell to the ground,
    Firefighters and policemen rushed the scene,
    Trying to get anyone out that could be found.

    Then as if the day couldn’t get worse,
    Flight 93 went down,
    Terrorists took over the plane,
    But the passengers wouldn’t let their plan work,

    They took over the controls,
    And brought it down from the sky,
    Giving their lives so more people wouldn’t die,

    Now every September 11th,
    We all come together,
    To remember,
    All the ones who had fallen,

    We wear red, white, and blue,
    To honor those 3000 people,
    All just like me and you.