• War torn nations.
    Battles of the past.
    Long ago the first.
    We have not seen our last.
    We hear the news, we see the pictures.
    Waiting to know, who are the victors.
    Fallen soldiers, silent graves.
    Are we free, are we slaves?
    Men, women and children, daily dying.
    Try as we might.
    There is no use denying.
    The echoes of war.
    They fill our ears.
    The echoes of war.
    Fulfilling our fears.
    Those before us, was it in vain?
    The dying, the anguish, the pain.
    An old war here, a new war there.
    To the innocent, is it fair?
    In the name of freedom.
    In the name of peace.
    The echoes of war, will they increase?
    Or will we find sweet release?