• It's not enough
    It will never be
    I stand on the pier
    look out to the sea
    see nothing but gray
    there is no one but me
    I stand alone
    I watch the sea

    The loneliness
    gets to my head
    where am I now?
    I miss my bed
    there is just gray
    just black and white
    yet still I pray
    for a safe night

    My hands tremble
    my breathing stops
    this is it
    here come the cops
    their lights flash
    all red and blue
    through the fog
    they shine right through

    now or never
    a chance I'd take
    I jumped off the pier
    for my own sake
    I fell into the water
    so deep and gray
    devoured in sea
    I began to pray

    When I woke up
    I was on a cloud
    I stood up slowly
    and looked around
    and then my heart stopped
    for I saw you
    the light of my life
    my ocean's blue...