• This is a random interrupt in your programming day
    This is a random interruption in your programming day
    This is a random day in your interrupted programming
    Please note the hamsters have escaped their wheels
    There was a time when words had meaning
    When the ancient muses inflict their inspiration upon unsuspecting artists
    Drawn like an arrow from a womb drawn like a conclusion
    They would eat their modern counter parts whole
    Dragging them to dark places squirming and rising to squeeze their juices into paint

    We are rebelling against mediocrity against conformity against anything hat does not set the soul on fire
    Passion is not a Pepsi product
    We do not need bubbles to tickle our noses and here comes the doctor right on schedule flicking and tapping his flip board, well the good news is your out of that hot frying pan.
    Technology is my enemy, photographs steal my soul, mother boards and communion wafers, chip, upgrade, download, incoming version 1.0 in a ZIP AVI file.
    Digital profits populating the landscape ,gate, fiddles well Nero was wrong.
    WAKE UP we are sitting on our hands in pins and needles, a second inn, a sandwich without any meat is just two pieces of bread.

    Wee to much in the passive and not enough in the aggressive
    Like an appendix about to burst and it will only get worse
    You cant get blood from a stone but sometimes its fun to squeeze anyway to see if diamonds form