• Summer sun blazing on my neck,
    flies swarming around the fields,
    back-breaking labor.
    This is my reality.

    I look to the road,
    for nothing in particular.
    Just wishing my mind would wonder off to a better place.

    Then I see it.
    Snowflakes free falling,
    winter chill on my face.
    So cold, yet so inviting.

    My safe haven is disturbed when I hear the cracking of the whip.
    The only sound ive heard for years.

    I do what I am told, for I wish not to be punished.

    I am quiet while doing daily tasks,
    I am even quiet in the dead of night, just looking up at the stars in envy.
    How they are able to cross the world in one night, while I haven't been outside of this living hell for as far as I can remember.

    No one speaks to me, and I speak to no one.
    Except when answering my betters.

    This is my reality.